Located in Stratford-upon-Avon and housed in the main RSC building are two theatres, The Swan seating around 700 and built in the traditional ‘round’ for that true Shakespeare experience and the main Theatre seating 1,040. The Other Place, a stones throw from the main building is home to the studio Theatre, rehearsal spaces and Café and bar. With 14 commercial buildings making up the entire portfolio from the Theatres to the Scenery Workshop, Costumes and Armoury, Education Centre and a Pre-School Nursery, the campus is vast, add in the 60+ residential properties used to house the visiting acting companies and you can get a feel for the diverse extent of this prestigious contract.

Our relationship with the RSC began in 2013, when we were initially awarded a contract for the cleaning services to the entire estate. In 2018, we were awarded a further extension including Security and additional services, resulting in a bundled soft services contract.

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Client: The Royal Shakespeare Company

Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon

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